Saturday, March 14, 2015

Support Vanuatu as they recover from Cyclone Pam

Four years ago I said "tata" to Vanuatu and more specifically to Tongariki the small island that I called my home for two years. I said goodbye but the family, friendships and memories are always in my heart.
As you may have seen on the news, Vanuatu was hit hard by cyclone Pam which has caused unknown amount of damage. 

Radio NZ

DailyMail UK 

Communication is still down in Vanuatu so no one has heard word about Tongariki or how bad it really is on the ground, but the pictures are horrible. They are going to need our prayers and support as they begin to recover.

The peace corps volunteers there were evacuated to Australia. But I've been able to track other friends through Facebook

For those who are on Facebook I encourage you to share the news story as many people may not know about it or to give your friends a personal connection to Vanuatu so they too can keep them in their prayers and help support.
Something along the lines of:

My thoughts are with those in Vanuatu as they begin to recover from this catastrophic cyclone. (DailyMail UK [friend/niece/cousin/sister/daughter] @nikibannister lived there for 2 years with the Peace Corps and the people of Vanuatu became a second family to her. Please help support in any way you can! 

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